Client Communication

Good communication is at the heart of good client relations.  At Aquality, we seek to foster open, clear communication with clients about the state of their assets and their water systems.  To ensure our team meets our clients’ needs, it is essential that we listen to our clients and empathize with the challenges they face in today’s strict regulatory environment.  By listening to our clients, we can provide them with those services that are most important to them.  Some clients prefer full contract operations services, with any additional consulting or troubleshooting that may be required already wrapped into the monthly rate.  Other clients prefer to pick and choose which services they need, contracting additional services only if the need arises.  Because we listen, we understand that there is no one size fits all solution to the varied challenges facing water and wastewater management.

Client Access to Information

The key to good client communication is providing clients with the information they need to make effective decisions regarding their water and wastewater systems.  One problem facing public works directors is lack of access to the information that would help them decide how best to manage their assets.  Often, contract operations firms guard the information collect to maintain control of assets.  At Aquality, we provide clients access to the inform we collect regarding their utilities.  This helps our clients negotiate within restricted budgets to best allocate their resources.  In addition to providing our clients copies of state-mandated reporting, we provide weekly updates on the health of the system to catch any potential problems early.  We are also increasing client access to information by implementing a Sharepoint networking site to enable our clients direct access to reports and staffing information.  Finally, we encourage the use of CMMS programs to gather essential information about assets, maintenance, and manhours.  The initial investment in CMMS quickly pays for itself by saving money on asset replacement and staffing.


We don’t hide our costs in complex formulas.  We provide clear, reasonable prices and clear documentation of our services.  Over the years, it has become more important for clients to understand every aspect of where their money goes.  With the economic downturn of 2008, our clients began asking for more options in the way their services were priced and bundled.  We listened.  We provide a clear breakdown of costs and benefits for all our services.  Clients will not find hidden costs in monthly flow charges or additional chemical costs.  We provide honest pricing for our services. One more reason we are the clear choice for your needs.