We see our role in working with clients as a partnership. Our corporation was founded with the intention to serve smaller utilities and municipalities by providing a high level of service, access to highly qualified senior operations staff, and comprehensive maintenance management techniques that extend the life and value of critical assets

Many of our clients are unable to afford the services of Grade IV or V operators for full-time process management and oversight, a maintenance technician for preventative and corrective maintenance, and an O&M engineer to develop a comprehensive asset management plan. Aquality can provide these services on a part-time basis, helping utilities achieve the service they desire without excessive costs.

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At Aquality, we recognize that—despite the new and exciting tools available to improve, optimize and extend the life of water treatment systems—violations, equipment failures, and operator errors continue to cost clients and ratepayers in both water quality and expense.

The difficulty lies in changing the culture of operations, and convincing operators to change their relationship to the assets they operate and manage. Good communication serves as the vital element to put effective management philosophies into practice, and thus better serve communities.
A variety of factors prevent the wholesale adoption of efficient and effective changes in operations and maintenance strategies across the industry. These factors appear minor, yet they are significant. Communication problem between engineers and operators create misunderstandings and operational snafus. Most importantly, often the abstract design intent and the actuality of daily operation events are not fully understood by either party.

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Why Choose Us

Good communication is at the heart of good client relations.  At Aquality, we seek to foster open, clear communication with clients about the state of their assets and their water systems.

To ensure our team meets our clients’ needs, it is essential that we listen to our clients and empathize with the challenges they face in today’s strict regulatory environment.  By listening to our clients, we can provide them with those services that are most important to them.  Some clients prefer full contract operations services, with any additional consulting or troubleshooting that may be required already wrapped into the monthly rate.  Other clients prefer to pick and choose which services they need, contracting additional services only if the need arises.  Because we listen, we understand that there is no one size fits all solution to the varied challenges facing water and wastewater management.

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The Water Cycle

The water cycle is the key to the cycle of life on earth.  Without water, we could not survive.  It is amazing that of all the water on earth (about 332.5 million cubic miles of water), over 96 percent is saline and not useable for either drinking or irrigation. The remaining 4% is freshwater, but 68 percent is located in ice and glaciers.

Balance of Water

The balance of water on the Earth remains fairly stable.  Water moves through the hydrologic cycle — rain and snow become groundwater, surface water and saltwater, which then evaporates, transpires, or sublimates into water vapor, beginning the process anew.  In other words, all water on Earth is essentially recycled water.

Recycled Water

Water recycling has been a part of California’s water management picture for more than 100 years. California farmers began recycling water in the 19th century.  Today, recycled water use is becoming a more and more important part of best water practices in California.

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