Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain

October  2019

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain project is in Wheatland, CA. Aquality Water Management (AWM) have been associated with this project since its inception of around seven years ago.

The casino is operated by Hard Rock International on behalf of the Estom Yumeka Maidu Tribe of the Enterprise Rancheria. This casino has a 170-room hotel and over 1899 gaming machines and tables.

The Hard Rock Water and Wastewater project incorporates the following components:

  • A Raw Water Well for Potable Water Supply
  • Potable Water Chlorination System
  • Potable Water Storage Reservoir
  • Potable Water Pumping System & Fire Pump
  • Wastewater Treatment System with Flow Equalization & UV Disinfection
  • Reclaimed Water Pumping System
  • Reclaimed Water Storage Pond

The potable water system for HRHCSFM Casino operates in the following manner. Raw well water is disinfected prior to entering the onsite reservoir. There is the ability for additional disinfection into the potable water system prior to delivery, should it be required. The finished potable water is delivered to the casino via a series of low-pressure high flow pumps. In addition, there is a high flow pump system for supplying fire suppression.

The wastewater plant consists of the following components:

  • Influent Wet Well and Pump Station
  • Influent Fine Screening
  • Anoxic Basin
  • Aeration Basins
  • Membrane Basins
  • UV Disinfection
  • Waste Sludge Holding Tank
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • EQ Storage Tank

The wastewater system is an Ovivo MicroBlox MBR and has a design flow of 140K/day.

The WWTP consists of two separate MBR trains with a common anoxic and preair basin. There is a flow equalization system controlled by level of the process tanks. At a given setpoint level excess mixed liquor is removed and stored in an aerated EQ tank and is returned to the process after the flows have lowered. The effluent from the treatment process is UV disinfected and sent to either the onsite reclaimed storage tank or if that is full it overflows to the reclaimed storage pond. There is a series of low-pressure high flow reclaimed water pumps for delivery of the reclaimed water for the onsite landscaping. Waste Activated Sludge is held in an aerated tank and periodically dewatered and hauled away to a landfill.