Aquality offers skilled operations, maintenance, and engineering staff to augment, supplement, or take the place of your current water and wastewater staff. Our operators are certified by the California Department of Public Health and/or the State Water Resources Control Board to operate water and wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, our Operations Support team is made up of high-level operators and engineers who are experienced in program management, operations, and maintenance to ensure your facilities run at their best.

Don Brown, President

Don Brown has over 35 years of experience in the operations of wastewater treatment plants in California. Throughout his career, his positions have ranged from wastewater treatment plant operator to wastewater treatment facilities manager to operations consultant. He has been responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants up to 30 MGD in size. He has particular expertise in the recruitment, training, and professional development of operations staff. As a consultant, his duties have ranged from overseeing operation of advanced wastewater treatment plants (including MBR facilities) to providing operations review of a variety of treatment facilities. Active in many industry organizations, he enjoys presenting on topics related to the operation of membrane facilities.

Josh Brown, General Manager

Josh Brown has extensive experience in the areas of water and wastewater operations.  He has a strong understanding of the membrane bioreactor (MBR) process as well as hands-on experience in operating, maintaining, troubleshooting, and staffing MBR plants.  He has been Project Manager for Aquality’s contract operations at Thunder Valley Casino wastewater and recycled water facilities for several years.  He has been responsible for Aquality’s Safety Program as well, ensuring we remain in compliance with State and Federal industry safety standards.  He is also experienced with programming of Wonderware Software, has a working knowledge of SCADA control systems, and has become familiar with CMMS implementation and training.

Christopher Harre, O&M Support Manager

Christopher has over 30 years operations experience. He has provided operations support at a variety of wastewater treatment plants, giving him a strong understanding of the operational needs of these facilities. He has worked extensively with operators and contractors in the startup and commissioning of wastewater treatment facilities and pump stations. His expertise includes condition assessment, project management, process optimization, and maintenance strategies. At Aquality, Christopher heads the Operations Support team, which provides ongoing technical support to the Aquality O&M team by assisting them with process troubleshooting, improving methods to O&M management and strategies, additional technical training and facility condition assessments.

James Horton, Maintenance Manager

James Horton has over 20 years of experience in maintenance, repair, and related activities.  He is a construction specialist with a broad range of experience in building and mechanical systems.  He has an in-built understanding of cost-effective asset management. At Aquality, Jim is a key member of the Operations Support team, which provides ongoing technical support to the Aquality O&M team by assisting them with process troubleshooting, developing asset management strategies, improving methods to O&M management and strategies, launching CMMS, developing efficient PM workflows, corrective maintenance support, updating and improving SOPs, improving standard operator checklists, additional technical training, facility condition assessments, and updating emergency contingency plans.  He recently presented on blower technologies for a CWEA maintenance workshop.

Kathy Stone, Director of Operations

Kathy Stone has over 30 years’ experience in the operations of water and wastewater treatment plants in California. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology/Chemistry and a Master’s Degree with emphasis in Natural Resources.  She is a California certified Grade V wastewater operator, as well as, Laboratory Analyst and Environmental compliance inspector. Throughout her career, she has been responsible for all personnel of the region, recruiting and training of staff, client relations, contract management and oversight, maintained certified laboratories, environmental compliance coordinator and NPDES and WDR permit renewals.  She has also been heavy involved in business development for the region, regulatory compliance and reporting, SOP and QA/QC manuals for all aspects of plant operations, safety and training programs and overall budget planning and analysis.  She is actively involved in numerous organizations including CWEA, of which she has received over 10 various awards throughout her career.