Caesar’s Entertainment (Harrah’s Northern California Casino)

May 2019

Harrah’s Northern California Casino project was originally conceived in the early 2000’s. Aquality Water Management (AWM) have been associated with this project since its inception.

The casino is operated by Caesars Entertainment on behalf of the Buena Vista Me-Wuk Indians.

At the time of commissioning this project in April/May 2019, AWM first began with a startup and commissioning contract where we assisted the contractor and the engineers to get the systems all tested and online. The contract has now transitioned into a long-term operations contract.

This project incorporates the following components:

  • Three Raw Water Wells for potable water supply
  • Water Treatment System and finished potable water storage
  • Wastewater Treatment System

The water treatment system consists of the following components:

  • Three Potable Water Wells
  • Multimedia Filtration System with chemical addition
  • Backwash Storage Tanks with water recovery system
  • 25MG Storage Reservoir
  • Multiple Low-Pressure Potable Water Pump Delivery System
  • Multiple High-Pressure High Flow Fire Pump Delivery System

Raw well water is pumped to the multimedia filtration system for iron and manganese removal and disinfected prior to being stored in the onsite reservoir. Filter backwash water is stored in two onsite tanks where the solids settle out and the clear water above is recycled back through the filtration system on as required basis. The finished potable water is delivered to the casino via a low pressure multi pump system. In addition, there is a high flow multi pump system for fire suppression.

The wastewater system is a Suez MBR and has a design flow of 65K/day. The plant has an EPA NPDES permit that discharges into a natural waterway adjacent to the Rancheria property.

The wastewater plant consists of the following components:

  • Influent Wet Well and Pump Station
  • Influent Screening
  • Anoxic Basin
  • Aeration Basin
  • Membrane Chambers (2)
  • UV Disinfection
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • Emergency Storage Tank

The wastewater treatment system utilizes a Suez MBR package plant. The influent flow from the casino is pumped up to fine screens prior to entering the process. In the event there is too much influent flow for the MBR system, there is an automated flow diversion system into the onsite emergency storage tank which can be returned once the flows have subsided. The permeate form the membranes is UV disinfected prior to discharge. Waste activated sludge is stored in an onsite tank, until it is dewatered and trucked off site to a landfill.