Cache Creek Casino Resort


Cache Creek Casino is nestled in the Capay Valley near the community of Brooks, California.  The water, wastewater and recycled water facilities serve one of the most active casinos in the Bay Area.  Aquality commissioned the facilities in 2002, and continues to provide contract operations services.  Our services are comprehensive, including the construction oversight and commissioning of improvements to the plant, such as a new EDR in 2009, and a new influent lift station in 2011.




350,000 gpd ADF / 475,000 gpd PDF

Treatment Technology

Hollow fiber MBR

Effluent Disposal System

Long-term storage

Subsurface leachfields

Spray fields

Recycled water: golf course irrigation, toilet flushing


Permit type: WDR

BOD: 5 mg/L

TSS: 1 mg/L

Ammonia (N): 0.36 mg/L


  • Facility start-up and commissioning
  • Contract operations (6 full-time operators)
  • Development of SOPs and safety program
  • Process optimization
  • Warranty management

Aquality has provided O&M services for the Cache Creek Casino Resort’s onsite water, wastewater, and recycled water facilities since 2002. The potable water facilities are supplied by ground water wells, an EDR water treatment plant (commissioned by Aquality in 2009), a 1.0 MG storage tank, and booster pump station. The wastewater facilities include a 350,000 gpd MBR that produces Title 22 compliant recycled water that is stored in seasonal storage facilities and used for golf course irrigation and toilet flushing at the resort. The treatment and disposal facilities are all monitored by the RWQCB under very stringent guidelines.

Aquality staffed the facilities and developed SOPs and a safety program. Aquality operators work directly with contractors, system integrators, and engineers to optimize, upgrade, and/or commission new facilities and systems.

Operational accomplishments have included the following:

  • Assisting with a conversion of the WWTP from an SBR to MBR
  • Commissioning several facilities including an award-winning EDR water treatment facility
  • Managing a complicated integrated water management program
  • Addressing unexpectedly high fats, oil, and grease concentrations in the influent stream by helping to specify and install a grease trap.

Operators continue to assist the client with optimizing and replacement aging equipment and handling all associated warranty issues.