Graton Casino & Resort

Present 2019

Graton Casino & Resort is located in Rohnert Park near Northern California’s wine country. The water treatment system serves the Casino and upcoming Hotel resort.  Aquality commissioned the facility in 2013, and continues to provide contract operations for the facility.




180,000 gpd ADF / 475,000 gpd PDF

Treatment Technology

Pressure Filters

Iron, manganese and arsenic removal


Facility start-up and commissioning

Contract operations (1 full-time operator)

Development of SOP’s and safety program

Operations and maintenance support

Warranty management

Aquality has provided O&M services for Graton Resort & Casino water treatment facility and sewer lift station since 2013. The water treatment system consists of ground water wells, a pressure filtration system, a 1.0 MG storage tank and booster pump station. We also oversee the resorts sewer lift station that pumps into the city sewer system.

Aquality staffs the facility and developed SOPs, a safety program and a maintenance program. Our operators work directly with contractors, system integrators and engineers to optimize, upgrade, and/or commission few facilities and systems.

Operation accomplishments have included the following:

  • Assisted in discovering and correcting a design flaw in the sewer lift station head calculations.
  • Maintained compliance with USEPA for drinking water standards.

Our operators continue to assist the client with optimizing and replacement of equipment and handling all associated warranty issues.

Our staff works with regulatory agencies to assist the client in any of their needs that relate to said agency.

Participated in preparation of a supplemental environmental document updating the Water and Wastewater Feasibility Study for The Graton Casino Resort to identify issues related to potential future expansion of the hotel and Casino and identify mitigation for the issues.