West Bay Sanitary District


Aquality Water Management (AWM) was contacted several years ago by West Bay Sanitary District (WBSD) as a consultant for input on a proposed sewer mining reclaimed water treatment plant for the Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club. (SHGCC). At that time California had been going through several drought years in a row and the members of the SHGCC wanted to prevent their facility from becoming restricted from irrigation use economically and financially.

West Bay Sanitary District entered into an agreement with SHGCC where WBSD would have a reclamation facility constructed at SHGCC site, utilizing reclaimed water from the process of sewer mining.

As a result of working with WBSD on the Sharon Heights project, AWM was hired by WBSD as a consultant for a second water reclamation project for Facebook. This project is nearing completion and will be used for landscape irrigation.


Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club

The SHGCC reclaimed water project will be completely operational in the spring of 2020.

The process is utilizing a Suez Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) to take raw wastewater from the sewer collection system and process it into reclaimed water for the following:

  • Sharon Heights Golf Course
  • Cal Trans use
  • Contractor Construction use for dust control
  • Cooling tower use at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

The MBR plant is designed to provide as much as 0.5MGD of reclaimed water to the SHGCC, with a turn down capacity to 0.058MGD.



The water reclamation project for Facebook is going to utilize the wastewater generated from their campuses I, II and III to irrigate the entire massive 13 acres of roof top landscaping.

Their system is utilizing an Aquacell MBR followed by RO and UV disinfection. All the process tanks and finished water tanks are located underground, and the MBR, RO and UV disinfection is in the basement of the main parking structure. They can divert part or all their wastewater flow to the sewer system, along with their brine from the RO system, WAS and screenings.